“Sparkling wine is more than just a wine
it is a celebration in a bottle!”

“I can’t remember a holiday morning in my family growing up without Mimosa. Celebrating even small milestones with sparkling wine makes them all more special and memorable.”

“I’ve learned that any night can become special if you take the time to celebrate and open up a bottle. Opening a bottle is reason enough to celebrate!”

Our Saratoga Sparkling Rosé is a blend of Cayuga White, Merlot, and Malbec grapes with the most beautiful shade of pink. This blushing beauty has hints of strawberry, roses, and a touch of citrus that is refreshing and vibrant.

Saratoga Sparkling Blanc is a sweet and irresistible bubbly made from the golden Vignoles grape. The charming smell of apricots, orange blossom and honey make this golden sweet white sparkle.

Made from New York grapes selected specifically for their crispness and juicy bouquet.

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