This years grape harvest was a nail biter for sure!

We found ourselves right in the middle of the daunting tasting of moving the winery at the exact time the grapes needed to be harvested. It took many late nights and a lot of elbow grease to get this years harvest in as we received key equipment just hours before grapes were trucked in to the winery for processing. Warmer than average September temperatures lead to early harvests of white grapes with excellent yields and great flavor.  Cooler October temperatures and several strong storms pushed red harvests a week earlier than expected. Fortunately the red grapes came in with great maturity which translates to huge flavor potential. The wines are now settling in nicely and tucking in for a long winters aging with only a few reds still finishing up before pressing next week.

What does it take to get a harvest done?

  • 10 pruning shears
  • 1 forklift
  • 3 truck rentals
  • 20 purple hands
  • 10 macro bins
  • 30,000 pounds of grapes
  • 0 weekends off
  • 2 tired kids
  • 4 kilograms of yeast
  • 20 oak barrels
  • 50 beers
  • 4 fly swatters
  • 13 tanks
  • 2 pH meters
  • 10 buckets
  • 1 million cups of coffee
  • Lots of joy