I saw this pie on Pinterest and immediately thought …this is so happening. So I wandered over to the Gomez Veggie Ville (my neighbors at the Spa City Farmers Market on Sundays) and swapped them a bottle of Merlot-Malbec for three juicy pints of fresh picked strawberries – score!   I remembered that my parents have a rogue rhubarb plant in the garden somewhere so I plucked some of that on the way home – super score! And then I went home and made the best freaking pie ever!  This is the best Strawberry – Apple Pie Recipe ever!

easiest Strawberry - Apple Pie Recipe ever!

Due to the fact that I have never successfully made a strawberry rhubarb pie before I didn’t photograph it until it came out of the oven.  So of course I had to make a second… and it was even better!  This time the strawberries came from My Other Garden (my neighbors at the Ballston Spa Farmers Market on Thursday and Saturday).


I guess by now you are scratching your head and thinking to yourself: Hey I thought this is a recipe for Strawberry Apple Pie?  It is.  Mostly because today was Father’s Day and I didn’t feel like running back out to get more rhubarb so I substituted apples.  You can certainly take advantage of strawberry rhubarb season and just sub back in the rhubarb. 20160619_141910

Before we begin I have a confession to make; I buy pie dough from the grocery store.  I really did try to become a crust maker.  I know it is simple; Julia and the Contessa have explained it so well and I’ve made some good crusts that prove it.  I just don’t like doing it and I really love eating pie, so I cheat.  I keep crust in the freezer and when I needs me some pie it is there ready and waiting for me.



This seriously is an easy pie to make.  How easy you ask?  So easy a four year old can do it.  Don’t believe me?  I was the photographer, and Pepper my wonderful four year old assistant did the work.  Seriously.  Cooking with kids is the best!  Children eat healthy when you start with whole food (she ate at least a pint of strawberries in the process), they learn math from the fractions of cups and counting of pieces, it fosters creativity and confidence, and it is great bonding time.  You just have to be able to say “Don’t worry; we’ll clean it up later.”  I think that sipping wine helps with this, and with raising children.  Also, I have a pitcher of flowers I use as a decoy so you all don’t see the mess.



You should check out the Pin, or look at the video on The Kitchen McCabe because Kayley’s pie looks awesome and she makes it so simple.  My pie is similar, but I switched it up based mostly on available ingredients.  I like to use stuff that I know I’ll always have in the house because then the recipe gets made more than just the once.




  • 2 boxes of premade pie crust (this is 4 pie crusts)
  • *you’ll need more if you plan to make enough roses to fill in the pie


  • 2c            Strawberries –quartered and stems removed
  • 2c            Apples – peeled and cut into small pieces
  • (OR 2 cups thin rhubarb stalks chopped into fingernail sized pieces)
  • 1c            Sugar
  • 2tb         Lemon juice
  • 1tb         Vanilla Extract
  • 5tb         Tapioca or tapioca flour
  • 1              egg whisked

*I had a hard time finding tapioca starch and saw a tip online that said just blend tapioca beads in a coffee grinder and voilà you have tapioca flour.  My beads didn’t blend so I just skip this and put in 5 tablespoons of tapioca.



  1. Unroll your dough and using a circle cutter (I used a smallish tasting glass from the winery) cut as many circles as you can out of three of your dough rounds.
  2. Ball up the leftover bits of dough and roll it back out to use as your top
  3. Arrange four circles in an overlapping row and roll up
  4. Cut the roll in half
  5. Put the cut side down on the counter and gently open up the layers until it looks like a flower
  6.  Keep doing this until you are out of circles.  It’s ok if some rolls have less than four circles I tried it with two and it still worked


  1. After making the flowers cut up all fruit and mix with sugar, lemon juice, vanilla, and tapioca


  1. Unroll your last dough round and place in the bottom of a pie plate
  2. Dump the filling into the pie plate
  3. Place the dough you rolled out earlier from the leftover bits on top of the filling and then arrange the flowers in a ring around the top of the pie.  They will sink in and get all yummy as it cooks
  4. Brush the whisked egg all over the crust


  1. Bake in 375F oven for 45 minutes with tin foil on top
  2. Remove tin foil and bake an additional 20ish minutes or until you see bubbles in the middle of the pie and the crust is golden.


I liked this one with our Saratoga Sparkling Rose and our Rock Slide White