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Products – Galway Rock Vineyard & Winery

Buy Our New York Wines

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Barrel Aged Riesling
$25.00 Add to cart
Cab Franc
$30.00 Add to cart
Galway Rock Chardonnay-Riesling
$15.95 Add to cart
Falling Rock Red Wine Blend
$12.95 Add to cart
Galway Rock Rosé
$13.95 Add to cart
Merlot-Malbec Red Wine Blend by Galway Rock Winery
Merlot-Malbec Red Wine Blend
$15.95 Add to cart
Reserve Riesling
$20.00 Add to cart
Rock Slide is a semi-sweet white wine by Galway rock winery
Rock Slide White Wine
$12.95 Add to cart
sparkling blanc by saratoga sparkling wine
Saratoga Sparkling Blanc
$16.95 Add to cart
Saratoga Sparkling Blanc mini bottles
Saratoga Sparkling Blanc Minis
$6.00$20.00 Select options
sparkling rosé bottle
Saratoga Sparkling Rosé
$16.95 Add to cart
Saratoga Sparkling Blanc rosé bottles
Saratoga Sparkling Rosé Minis
$6.00$20.00 Select options