Hydroponics Research Lab

The Hydroponics Research Laboratory is dedicated to experimenting with hydroponic crop production methods to maximize efficiency and sustainability of resources in agriculture. While we grow a number of crops for personal consumption and market sales, our primary focus is the scientific development of hydroponic grapevine production and creation of a commercial market for such products.

There are several answers to the question: why focus on the production of hydroponic grapevines?  Here we present three primary reasons for our focus:

1.  We love the pursuit of scientific and engineering knowledge.  Historically there has been a lack of scholarship on the production of hydroponic perennial crops in general, grapevines in particular.  With a few exceptions, hydroponic research has largely focused on the production of annual crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc.  Perennials, such as grapevines, are often viewed as infeasible for hydroponics due to the economic and physiological realities of the crops.  Through our initial research attempts spanning the last decade, we have determined and demonstrated the fallacy of such beliefs.  Our studies and market creation efforts will turn this logic on its head…

2.  We want to revolutionize agriculture to reflect modern values.  Production methods – including the usage of water, nutrients, weed/insect/disease deterrents, and fair labor practices – have come under greater scrutiny over the past few decades.  With hydroponic production methods, we can increase the efficiency and sustainability of growth inputs while simultaneously increasing the quantity and quality of our agricultural products.

3.  A spacefaring civilization needs to drink wine!  Without question, humans need to become a spacefaring civilization – exploring outer space and colonizing extraterrestrial environments for long-term survival of our species.  In our worldview, we ask ourselves this question – what is the point of colonizing space if we can’t drink wine?  Traditional dirt-based growth methods are impractical for space activities – it is both cost-prohibitive due to its weight and inefficiency of usage.  Thus, if we can produce hydroponic grapevines on Earth and in space, then mankind will continue to enjoy wine through the ages…

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